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Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy could this be what you are looking for?

To everyone else… your life might seem perfect…

You might be seen as the confident business owner, the most amazing entrepreneur, an employee that is getting noticed, you might even have retired!

People around you see what you let them see, so your partner, family, friends and work colleagues think this is you, living that perfect life.

Behind closed doors, in the early hours when your mind is racing, or that irritating voice in your head just won’t quieten – you know something needs to change.

Are you ready to stop those unhelpful beliefs and behaviours?

Why is it you feel stuck, your thoughts might be critical and unhelpful, you might say and do things you wish you didn’t, you burst into tears or fly into a rage or both. You feel frustrated, you even self sabotage when you try to make changes.

You feel emotionally and physically exhausted, keeping up the pretence of ‘the perfect life’ you tell yourself you should be living, you can even convince yourself you don’t need a life coach or the benefits of hypnosis…

You might be feel like an imposter in your own life,

As your One Mind Body Life Coach, I can help you stop these thoughts and feelings so you can create a life that is more authentic and is so much easier to live.

Are you ready to start living the life you know you deserve? 

What you think and how you think impacts what you do and how well you do it. So this is where we will start – your mind is our first stop.

Choosing to reframe and change the perspective on those unhelpful thoughts and beliefs , often created by a much younger you, is the start to freeing your mind so you can start bringing in new thoughts and beliefs, underpinned with learning and lived experiences you have gained since the beliefs were created.

Imagine, you can create a whole new operating system for your mind; one that will guide you to freedom, authenticity and a life you deserve to live.

So, the person people think you are, is actually the person you are!

I am a fully accredited and certified life coach / hypnotherapist. Investing with me, will bring you 14 years of coaching skills and experience, a range of tools and techniques that will take you safely where you need to go and back. All my clients get a bespoke service too, I am as individual in how I work as your mind is when you think!

I work with people like you, people who live exciting and challenging lives, you are already succeeding in so many areas of your life, and living authentically is one area where with my help, we can make sure you are really enjoying it, banishing any doubts that you deserve it.




My clients say…



One Mind Body Life Practice

You are most welcome at my life coaching and hypnotherapy practice in Derby city centre

I am very pleased to welcome clients to my practice, it is light, bright and airy, just the place to spend time working on the things that matter to you. I can offer clients hot and cold drinks, comfortable chairs and a chaise longue. I have chosen restful teals and pinks for the throws and cushions, they were my little treats to be honest. Who can resist a velvet cushion to stroke whilst talking or a warm fleecy throw whilst having hypnotherapy.  So, it you are a face to face client, this space awaits you.

During COVID 19 restrictions, I have had to close the practice temporarily, so I can still work with clients I have invested in Zoom technology, so I can now offer a face to face, online service for my clients. It isn’t quite the same, you will have to supply your own comfy chair and cushions.

You are safe in my hands, however you choose to work with me.


If not now, when…?


If not now, when…?


One Mind Body Life Coaching

                             This is your ONE stop shop for your MIND and BODY – you can get all you need here so that the LIFE you want to live,  starts to be a reality and not a dream.

If something is ‘out of sorts’ in your MIND or your BODY – it affects your LIFE.

Nailing my ‘ideal client’ was mind boggling for me.

‘Niche’ they say, you can’t be everything to everyone, they rolled their eyes, as I struggled to explain.

So, for those out there that need to know if I am the right coach for them… you might be over 35, although you may be older or younger…  I get more male clients at the moment, often referred by their wives or partners, it does work both ways, and I do work with women too!

Clients might find me through social media or my BNI chapter, most often, it is because someone, somewhere thinks I can help!

Many of my clients probably wonder if there is more to their LIFE than what they currently have!

They may want to to understand their MIND talk, you know that little voice in your head that can change a great day into a terrible one, that can make you doubt yourself or make you change a decision out of fear or anxiety.

Some may want to swap bad habits that might be running riot through their BODY into good habits to support a healthier happy version of themselves. Less bingeing of sugary foods or carbs, less alcohol, tired and feeling out of sorts.

Then, there are the clients who may be stuck in a relationship or in  job that no longer excites them!

Finally, not forgetting those clients who may be over worked, stressed, uncertain about what lies ahead. Especially worrisome for business owners affected by ‘lockdown’ finance, employees, keeping people safe and well, surviving and thriving constantly on their minds.

My Niche….

I know that my clients only have

One Mind, One Body and One Life

I want to help them all make it the one they want and deserve to LIVE