To other people, your life looks great, possibly even perfect… But?

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If you could change something about your life, what might it be?

You are perhaps feeling confused or in conflict, with yourself or others right now.
You might be failing to get where you want to be, even though you plan and start how to get there, something derails you.
It’s frustrating, because in your life you are most likely brilliant at meeting everyone else’s needs!
You might be feeling unheard or unseen, you might wonder if anyone would miss you if you walked away.
Yet with all this happening, you have a life that in many ways is so good and yet you are restless!
You might feel unfulfilled and wonder if there is more to your life than what you have now.

You might be thinking, there something I want to change

I’m a successful qualified life coach and hypnotherapist who is dedicated to supporting people to declutter and make sense of what’s in their MINDI help you discover self-love, especially around BODY  image and exercise in order to live ONE LIFE

So, are you ready to invest some time and energy into yourself? To stop those feeling of just being…. and really start living?

My 8 Week Transformation Challenge is designed with you in mind. No matter what the change you want to make, we will work together to make it happen.




My clients say…



One Mind Body Life Practice

You are most welcome at my practice in Derby city centre

I am very pleased to welcome clients to my practice, it is light, bright and airy, just the place to spend time working on the things that matter to you. I can offer clients hot and cold drinks, comfortable chairs and a chaise longue. I have chosen restful teals and pinks for the throws and cushions, they were my little treats to be honest. Who can resist a velvet cushion to stroke whilst talking or a warm fleecy throw whilst having hypnotherapy.  So, it you are a face to face client, this space awaits you.

During COVID 19 restrictions, I have had to close the practice temporarily, so I can still work with clients I have invested in Zoom technology, so I can now offer a face to face, online service for my clients. It isn’t quite the same, you will have to supply your own comfy chair and cushions.

You are safe in my hands, however you choose to work with me.


If not now, when…?


If not now, when…?


New – One Mind, Body, Life Transformation Challenge

Are you eating too much, drinking too much, not exercising enough or not sleeping too well during lockdown?

Do you want to come out of lockdown with a mindset that will allow you to tackle the ‘what next’ stage?

To take part you need to want to get rid of something in order to improve your health and wellbeing, using the One Mind, Body, Life principles.

One Mind – what we think about ourselves defines why we do what we do and when

One Body – what self care and kindness can do to improve body image and confidence

One Life – how aligning what happens in your mind and body, can lead you to an amazing life

After taking part in my own 8 week fitness and weight loss challenge ending in March 2020, I was inspired to take what I did and create my own OMBL Transformation Challenge!

After all, at 55 years of age, going from zero exercise to having aligned what I ate each day, to my new gym habit and getting rid of 28lb of excess weight is something I am immensely proud of – I also want to tell you what it felt like to WIN the challenge!  Read my blog to get the full story.

The OMBL Transformation Challenge is just one of the ways I can work with clients. You can find out more about how my life skills and experiences, qualifications and accreditation by clicking the tab below.


Work with me