Often I am asked, how do I know I’ve found the right person to work with… it’s a difficult questions to answer. I like to think that if a client chooses to work with me, it is because they have done some thinking around the matter…

What is it YOU want?

Often you might think you know what you want, and during your time with me, this may change. I am ok with this, however, I will make sure you are!

What kind of coach do I need?

There are many types of coach, I would say I am patient, intuitive and kind. I will laugh with you, I will wave my hands about and offer you tea or tissues, or even both! Don’t think though that I am going to be a pushover, I will challenge you, ask you to trust me and guide you until we get to the core issue quickly and effectively. I use a range of modalities to get you there. I go at your pace, gently at times, keeping you safe, I will always be working with your goals in mind, even if you change them!

How much should I pay?

What you pay is an investment that you make in yourself, and that isn’t all, you will be investing your time, you’ll be keeping journals or completing tasks, you’ll commit emotionally too. When you pay for my services, you are assured that I will take care of you, and use my years of life experience and skills.

Will I like your approach?

I have an approach that is warm, friendly and flexible. If you need more structure and would like to know what we are doing, you can have this, or if you just want to turn up and see where things take us, we can do this too.

What results have you achieved with other clients?

I have some lovely testimonials, you are most welcome to look at them.

What results have you achieved in your life?

I created this whole business from one of my own achievements, you are welcome to read my blog about my 8 Week Transformation Challenge win!

Will you give me advice?

I truly believe all my clients have all the resources they need within them already, they often just need some help to rediscover them, and start to use them in a positive way. So, No advice will be given, all the decisions you make will be your own, entirely.

Do I have to have a connection with you?

I think it is a two-way connection that is needed. We both need to know, like and trust each other. If, this is not the case, it may be better to look for a different coach or client.

Do you have a coach?

Yes. I still have a coach to help with my personal development and my own life goals. It is hard to really coach yourself, you do know many ways to distract yourself, often learned from clients you have worked with!

What the feeling right now?

You might feel excited, inquisitive and keen to start working with me. They are the things I often feel, working together is a serious business; it can also be life changing as well as enjoyable and it will demystify many things, with clarity and understanding you can make your One Mind, Body, Life flipping amazing!

Anything is possible, the skill is working out how!

As a little girl, often frustrated at not being able to do something first time, my Dad would say this to me, sometimes linked to ‘where there is a will, there’s a way’

I can now reflect on those things he said, this was way before I knew anything about how we form our beliefs and gather our own values with which to live our lives.

I doubt my dad knew that these powerful, empowering words would stay with me and be at my core. I followed in his footsteps replicating this kind of language with my own children, and I really can see how they have thrived, my favourite saying to them is ‘anything is possible, the skill is working out how!’ You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, it worked for me and them, and hopefully their offspring too!


If not now, when?


If not now, when?


I qualified as an NLP Practitioner in 2006,  since then I have successfully built and maintained my own personal relationships, at home, with family and friends and also in the work environment. Initially, I used my NLP skills in my corporate life, Customer Services lead for a large construction company, this gave me many challenges on how to resolve problems, gain consensus and have world class decision making. I also discovered how to pitch and win multi million pound tenders!

In 2009, life changed and I left the corporate world I knew and loved, instead taking a year out to adjust to one of my children and my dad being ill, both around the same time. Sadly, my dad passed away, leaving a really big hole in my world. I also used this time to seek ways to use NLP in a non commercial manner, to help people with the challenges they faced in their lives. This started my ‘love affair’ with coaching and since then I have gained lots more experience and qualifications. You can see them all listed below.

Some of the clients I have worked with have been tackling family, health, work and personal challenges. Each one arrived at my door wanting to change something, each one left having discovered the amazing resources they already had within them and for some this was life changing. Reading my testimonials, you might see where confidence has improved, a phobia removed, a singing voice restored. I have also supported clients to move away from behaviours or habits that were no longer wanted or needed, such as being angry, being anxious, verbally lashing out and letting go of relationships.

I have also been using and building skills to support individuals in their communities, via funded community projects, I have been coaching and mentoring young children through to adults; some it was a formal relationship, but most were informal coaching and mentoring, whilst working on projects. Some of the most amazing transformations took place in this role, like an isolated homeless man, becoming a community volunteer, much to his surprise and that of his support workers! Or the lovely volunteer, who told me she had been told by her GP she had ‘low self esteem’ and then asked me what it meant! She went on to be an amazing volunteer, her self esteem restored.

It matters to me to stay on top of my game, being prepared and adaptable for all my clients!

I am fully accredited in the following modalities; I bespoke my offer to my clients, according to their needs, and in ways that challenge them at the pace they are willing to work at…

Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP]

Master Practitioner Clinical Hypnotherapy

Master Life Coach

Practitioner Mindsonar Psychological Profiling

Practitioner Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 & 2 [Tapping]

Practitioner Reiki Level 1 [working towards Level 2]

Practitioner Matrix Reimprinting [working towards certification]

I’m an accredited senior member of the ACCPH [Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists]. This means that I have completed face to face training, met the certification standards and committed to continued personal development.