One Mind Body Life – Part One

Investment: £349 plus vat

We start with an open and honest discussion about what it is that you are wanting to change about yourself, the way you think, talk to yourself, what you believe about yourself – often this includes those of you who want to eat or exercise more, or love the skin they are in, or just accept they are good enough just as they are. Imagine a sofa, mugs of tea and a really good off loading conversation without judgement or criticism. It might be virtual, but it sets the scene….

Once we have found out what it is we are working on, we apply some science, by using a Mindsonar Profile which is going to help you identify your motivation and thinking styles in relation to this specific issue.

You complete this in your own time, when it’s right for you. It takes around 30-40 minutes and it needs to be done when you won’t be disturbed. Whilst you are completing the profile, you will be thinking about your specific issue – we call this the ‘context’

Then once you have completed your profile, you will get a personalised interpretation from me, which we can discuss informally, this usually takes around 45 minutes or so, then I send you the full in depth 20 plus page report.

Usually about a week later, and following a little time for reflection, we will look at where your thinking and motivation is working and where it needs a bit of help. You will be invited to design a goal and identify resources that you need to achieve it. When you know your thinking styles and motivation, it is easier to see and feel what needs to be done.

You might find this is all you need to do – and you can adjust your mindset, power up your thinking and things start to change almost straight away.


One Mind Body Life – Part Two

Investment: £399 plus vat

You might choose to have additional support to really strengthen your mindset or have some accountability in this specific issue.

This leads you to the OMBL Part 2 offer which is a combination of life coaching, hypnotherapy and EFT [ and maybe a few other tools that might be relevant to you] You choose between 1 and 6 sessions that total no more than 4 hours. I am flexible because I know you won’t know what you need until we have completed OMBL 1.

For example you might have a 90 minute life coaching session; a 45 min hypnotherapy, three 15 minute accountability calls, another 45 min hypnotherapy session and two more 15 minute accountability calls. or any combination of these that total 240 minutes. [Yes, you could have sixteen 15 minute accountability calls if you wanted]


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One Mind Body Life – Part One and Two

Investment: £650 plus vat

This is the complete package which will be completed over 3 months [sooner if you decide that is right for you]

You will receive over 8 hours of one to one time with me, each session is designed around your specific needs. In addition you will be expected to invest a further 3 – 4 hours of self directed activities including completing the Mindsonar Profile online and personal reflection on the summary and full report findings.




Investment starts: £77 plus vat

Some people are curious about hypnotherapy… and want to try it

Some people are dubious… and want to find out if it’s for them…

Some people have tried it and really love it’s results…

Some people want quick results… and believe it will help them…

New to hypnotherapy?

First, you’ll usually have a chat with me to discuss what you hope to achieve and agree what methods I might use. After this, I will:

  • lead you into a deeply relaxed state
  • use your agreed methods to help you towards your goals – for example, suggesting that you don’t want to carry out a certain habit or react in an unhelpful way
  • resources that we agree would be useful to you will be suggested whilst in hypnosis
  • then, I will gradually bring you out of the trance
  • You’re fully in control when under hypnosis and don’t have to take on any suggestions if you don’t want to!
  • If necessary, you can bring yourself out of the hypnotic state.
  • Hypnosis doesn’t work if you don’t want to be hypnotised.

Do you want to find out if it’s for you? Book your free consultation now.


Life Coaching

Investment starts at: £147 plus vat

You have decided that you need to do something, because how you are living now, just isn’t working for you.

You might have bought a self help book [or two] and still not got to where you want to be.

You might have given yourself some goals, and then missed them.

You might be wanting someone to really listen to what you have to say.

You might have nobody to talk to right now.

It’s OK, I have got you, you are in safe hands.

Working with me, we can sort whatever is bothering you out…

Book a Consultation Call, its free!

Mindsonar Profiling
Investment starting at: £149 plus vat

You are here thinking, what is Mindsonar?

Probably followed by why might I need it!

The good news is I can answer both of these questions for you.

Do you need to know how you think and how the way you think determines your results?

Think Feel Do – how you think determines your feelings and drives your actions and reactions to a given situation or context.

Your thinking style or mindset  shapes how you evaluate things, what you notice and what you miss. What other people do that works for you or totally infuriates you. What you do might be getting you results you want with some people, but not all people – why?

So, if you want to be ‘mindset fit’ to achieve something important to you – Mindsonar will help you by giving you a detailed profile of your thinking style in relation to your specific context or situation.

Simply put – your thinking style as a parent or partner is likely to differ to that when you are at work or playing a competitive sport.

Maybe you could learn things from the differences and map them across to other contexts. Because you are so much more…

The investment for Mindsonar Package, which includes 30 minute set up call, the provision of online assessment, summary of key findings and full 20 page report emailed to you a few days later and a 45 minute Zoom feedback meeting is £199 inc VAT

If you decide to use Mindsonar with any paid for coaching or hypnotherapy session or package, I will reduce to £149 plus vat